Your one-stop Sanctions, Adverse Media screening and reporting solution.

Explore our sophisticated platform called RAHN Monitor, designed to take KYC (know your customer) to the next level. Whether you are required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering legislation or simply need to ensure that you are only doing business with individuals and entities that are above board, we have you covered. With built-in Artificially Intelligence (AI) capabilities that take the grunt work out of investigations to multiple integration points, it has never been simpler to ensure that you are in control of the risks within your customer base.

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How does Rahn Monitor Work?

Rahn Search

Advanced AI Due Diligence

Our MonitorGPT AI assistant was designed to take Enhanced Due Diligence to the next level. We connected our AI to the internet and developed it to search and develop a comprehensive overview of your matched and high-risk search outcomes.

Up-to-date research summarised and made available for reporting.
Supporting links to ensure accurate, verifiable, and reliable outcomes.
Custom advanced investigation reports on individuals and entities.
Save time and resources by employing AI solutions to work for you.
Rahn Batch Scan

Advanced Match Algorithm

We designed our algorithm to ensure that you can optimally utilise the outcomes. Our Legacy search algorithm provides you with Exact Matches, thus removing false positives from close matches. Our Advanced search algorithm incorporates multiple fuzzy logic options, which combined with our probability hierarchy, gives you the confidence to clear potential hits quickly and effectively.

Know who you are dealing with through our probability-based matches.
Excel and PDF reports which can be used by case managers, investigators and MLRO.
White-label reports that can be incorporated into your current reporting packs.
Informed due diligence to identify risks.
Seamless processing through the online platform.
Custom Database

Custom Database

The custom dataset functionality allows any company to build their own internal do-not-do-business list which can help ensure no unwanted elements are onboarded into the company.

Create an internal do-not-do-business list for your company.
Manage, scan, and update your list as needed.
Look for matches to ensure unwanted elements are not onboarded.
Effective risk management through personalized databases.
Rahn API

Multiple Integration Points

Our system was designed for small, medium and large users by providing three different integration options. Our standard search function allows low-volume users to search our dataset via our online platform. Our bulk upload capability provides medium-volume users with a simple offline CSV bulk screening option. Large-volume users can integrate our API into their current CRM solution to receive near real-time outcomes.

Seamless processing through the online platform. Batch Scan notifications via Email.
Direct access to RAHN Data through your platform.
Extend your application's reach with seamless integration.
Improve data quality and identify potential risks.
Sanctions Dataset

Global Sanctions Coverage

Our dataset brings together the most prominent sanctions lists across the globe and is updated daily. This enables you to identify and mitigate any risk exposure in your current or prospective client base.

Global coverage which spans over 80 sanctions lists and 2.5 Million entities and individuals.
Listing of major political figures ensuring the identification of Politically Influential People.
Access to comprehensive datasets for informed due diligence.
Downloadable search results for convenience.
Maintain an up-to-date database for optimal performance.
Adverse Media

Adverse Media

The Adverse media function allows users to conduct this component of the client due diligence on individuals of interest.

Conduct client due diligence efficiently.
Access information from over 2000 news sources.
Stay updated with current articles.
Rely on audited data and RAHN GPT Natural Language Processing.
Customize your search query with specific words for relevant articles.